Based in West Midlands, Rob Lane tells you a bit about why he likes making people laugh…

Have you studied to become a Comedian? 

I have, I am really serious about becoming a successful comedian so studied at the Amused Moose Comedy Course with Logan Murray. I have also studied acting and hold a Lamda Licentiate Diploma.

Have you always enjoyed performing? 

Yes definitely, from childhood. I still fondly remember my first ever school play where I played Colonel Hatti (The Elephant) from The Jungle Book. I loved it!

What did you do when you left school? 

I have always enjoyed working with people so had various jobs after school, from catalogue modelling, working in a menswear store, working as a glass collector, door to door selling security alarms and I’ve been a Croupier in London.

Have you always made people laugh? 

I have always enjoyed playing the fool. When I was working at a Menswear store, I  used to wear the stock and create characters. I remember putting on 7 suits, one on top of the other, standing in the shop doorway and pretending to be a huge doorman!  I would also glue a 50p piece to the floor outside the shop and watch people trying to pick it up! Very amusing.

Who are your inspirations? 

I love Richard Prior, Robin Williams, Phil  Cool and Jim  Carey. They are my inspiration in comedy.

What do you want people to come away with from your gigs?

I hope to bring belly laughs and giggles to people and let them know its okay to let go. Taking them to weird and wonderful places with my ideas.

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